Performance Begger

It has been a while since our last build, it is not that we were lazy, quite the opposite, we were trying our best to make our next build. This time, we are using Touring as a custom model to customize it into Performance Begger, and it aims to go to a local bike show to compete in a championship of custom bike building.

The reason it took a while is because we discussed back and forth on what style we should make, in the element of the parts and most importantly the paint style. Finding a fine line is difficult, but we managed ourselves to do it.

We still believe in bolt-on is the fun part of customization, where you do not need to spend too much resource to change the frame or cutting pipes and tubes if you have to. So we use a few of bolt-on parts including our Fangster covers.

The paint style is perhaps the most crucial element when you look at a bike at your first glance. This has given our team a little bit of a headache on usage of color and pattern. We use gold as the primary color, to add a little bit of luxury and elegance with patterns to give a visual impact , as we do not want to sacrifice the aesthetic of the bike itself.

We are now at the final phase – Paint job, it will be released in no time. Right now we are only able to show you a little bit of the paint, we sure this build will not disappoint you, should be out there during Arpil.