Our next built

So most of you have seen our Fangster Tracker for a while, we are glad to announce that our next custom bike is on the middle of the way. Fangster as a new brand, we try to push ourself to seek every possible style – as long as it looks cool and modern.

Before we properly announce our upcoming project (yes, as the bike is now at garage and we will tell you once it is done), we would like to share a little of story and what we are doing so far.

Our last built – Fangster Tracker, we tend to use bold color to show our essence of tracker, light, mobility and speed, as well as it matches to our primary brand color. This time it will be different, we are going to use black as primary color. And as pictures show, there are a lot of parts we are going to replace, yet we will still stick with our brand core concept: bolt-on, this is the way we think when custom a bike should be like: easy and fun without compromising the look.

We will keep you guys updated once we have progress and be ready to share more.