Zero Engineering Type 2i

There are many American motorcycle enthusiasts in Taiwan who love the Old School style, and they all consider Zero Engineering as their dream bike.

Another special feature of this bike is that the fuel supply system of the engine has been changed from the original electronic injection to the Mikuni HSR carburetor! Perhaps in terms of engine development technology, such a transformation obviously deviates from the pace of the times, but the unique throttle response of the carburetor and the three-beat sound after greatly reducing the idle speed have always made many Harley players yearn for it.

The engine part, this bike is almost tuned to a cool black for the entire engine, but don't think that these are just the original parts removed and painted in black. In fact, it includes the crank on the top of the cylinder. The gear cover, clutch cover, axial shaft cover and timing cover from the arm cover to the left and right sides of the engine have all been replaced with Fangster's kits!