Fangster Tracker

No one knows aftermarket of Harley-Davidson parts in Taiwan market better than Jimmy Chou, the founder of Fangster, also the designer of the Fangster Tracker. Jimmy and his team have been working on it for quite a while, it shows how far you can stretch from XL1200N Nightster to a sporty one.

It shows Jimmy’s vision of what a street tracker should be: a sharp, modern, sporty and eye-catching orange. With quick throttle speed response with classic Harley sound, decent riding position as other tracker and stable braking performance, all these make the original XL into a flat tracker.

“Launching my bike around the ground at alarming speeds, throwing my bodyweight around, sliding the rear wheel out as I drag my foot to stabilize the slide around corners — feels great.” Says Jimmy.

Almost every part on this built is designed in bolt-on concept – easy to put on your bike. Although the bike list is extensive, the good news is, most of the parts are not prototype, the covers, air cleaner, grips and foot controls are Fangster exclusive, and luckily, they are already put in schedule in mass production and will be available in no time.