The Color Collection

For years, Fangster team customizes a few bikes every year. As a bunch of motorcycle fanatics who dedicated ourself into customization world, we seek for development and progress in every possibility. We always focus on innovation and aesthetics on the products and design base, at a certain point of time, Jimmy Chou, the founder of Fangster, thought maybe we can share what we do to others and perhaps having a collection to realize our idea. That was the initial idea of Color Collection, and as you can see, there we are.

With years of experience in manufacturing motorcycle parts and customization bikes, we try to realize what we thought in our mind and tried different parts through time. This year, we are glad to launching our first collection – Color Collection, all products are made from billet aluminum and by CNC machined. The bolt-on concept is our core value, we want everyone enjoy themselves while building their bike without suffering from difficulty of taking parts off from bike.

We know style is evolving through time, we are always on the path to pursuing innovation in design with unique style without compromising quality.

We hope you enjoy building your bike with your own style and with Fangster.